With its ability to integrate various ITC technologies, Taiwan has become a trusted Southeast Asia supply chain partner for smart meters.

TAIPEI, Taiwan, October 20, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – A smart meter system consists of a smart electricity meter, a communication system and a meter information management system. By enabling two-way interactions between end users and utilities through a cloud-based platform, it is the most important infrastructure component of a modern smart grid system. Supported by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan’s four major smart meter manufacturers – Acbel Polytech, Arch Meter, Tatung Company, and DAS Technology – all have a comprehensive set of technical capabilities in the development of systems and have obtained international certifications for their products. Their expertise spans key components, systems integration and value-added applications.

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With its ability to integrate various ITC technologies, Taiwan has become a trusted Southeast Asia supply chain partner for smart meters.

Southeast Asia has emerged as a major regional market for smart grid solutions in recent years. To achieve its smart grid vision, Malaysia is targeting full smart meter adoption by 2026. Achieving this target means that approximately 9.1 million homes across the country will be equipped with a smart meter. With the arrival of the peak period for smart meter installations in Malaysia, Taiwan offers a unique opportunity for a wide range of collaborations. Together, Taiwanese and Malaysian companies can develop complete smart grid solutions and related services. At the same time, the supply chains of the two countries can synergize and thus form a trusted partnership within the smart grid sector.

Taiwan has the capabilities to develop the core technologies of a smart meter system. These include integrated circuit design, network hardware, inspection equipment, and other key components. Among Taiwanese smart meter manufacturers, Arch Meter is a major developer for key components deployed in a smart grid. The company focuses on power monitoring, advanced power management and the integration of networking technologies. Its automated and highly efficient solutions are adopted by utilities, manufacturers, businesses and homeowners. To further expand its presence in the high-end segment of the smart meter market, Arch Meter is developing high-end products that combine AI-based power measurement with cutting-edge communication technologies. At the same time, it is forging R&D partnerships with other players to ensure successful market entry for its products.

Taiwan has established a complete system for the manufacture, sale and transportation of its products. It reaches almost all countries in major regions including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asia. Take the Tatung company for example. He collaborates with world class companies such as Trilliant, Cyan and Schneider on smart grid solutions. After acquiring several important certifications (eg JIS, TIS and SIRIM), Tatung now successfully markets its products in Southeast Asia and Japan. Besides Tatung, DAS Technology is another Taiwanese smart meter manufacturer which enjoys a strong reputation among international customers. DAS has long been a technological partner of ITRON, an American company and world leader in automated meter reading systems. Through this relationship, DAS has developed the ability to offer personalized products that meet the specific needs of different countries.

Taiwanese smart manufacturers are also recognized for improving products with value-added applications. In the case of Acbel Polytech, it is a specialist in energy management technologies. With this foundation, the company is now proactively developing new solutions that connect smart meters to other applications such as electric vehicle charging and programmable logic controllers. Likewise, DAS is looking for new ways to integrate advanced communication technologies in smart meters so that its equipment can be used under a general power management system, a home automation system, a 4G communication module, a platform. IoT form, etc. By leveraging IoT, smart meter manufacturers will create greater opportunities for their products in different applications. Acbel is currently working on making its smart meters a vital part of the EV charging infrastructure. At the same time, DAS is extending the scope of its products to the field of energy management.

With smart meters already deeply entrenched in the networks of many countries, governments around the world have started building a roster of qualified vendors in this field to reduce national security and cybersecurity risks. Since Taiwan plays a crucial role in semiconductor chip and communication equipment supply chains, it can provide solutions that fully integrate smart meters with necessary information security technologies. In summary, Taiwan can become a trusted partner in the global smart grid supply chain.

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