Validation workshop of the updated energy policy of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

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Accra, the capital of Ghana is hosting a regional validation workshop on the updated ECOWAS energy policy, from September 7 to 9, 2022. The workshop, which is part of the program “Improving the governance of the energy sector in Africa West (AGoSE-AO)” aims to review the vision, strategic objectives and implementation plan of the updated ECOWAS energy policy and subsequently validate the document.

As the current energy policy of ECOWAS is 40 years old since it dates back to 1982, the ECOWAS Commission has deemed it necessary to provide the region with a new policy due to the evolving context of the energy transition and other major challenges to raise in the region.

Within this framework and with the support of the European Union, the Regional Program for the Improvement of Governance of the Energy Sector implemented by ECOWAS, included a section on the revision of the said policy. NTU International has been selected to carry out the review, one of the deliverables of which is the focus of discussion at this meeting. The Accra workshop takes place in a participatory process comprising five (5) sessions.

The workshop will bring together representatives of ECOWAS Member States, the European Union, the ECOWAS Energy and Mines Directorate, as well as ECOWAS specialized energy agencies (ERERA, WAPP and ECREEE), national energy agencies and some regional institutions. The official opening ceremony of the workshop featured several statements.

After thanking the Government of Ghana for hosting the meeting and the European Union for its support in the implementation of this activity, Sédiko Douka, ECOWAS Commissioner for Infrastructure, Energy and Digitization, in his speech, highlighted the expected outcomes of the workshop: “The expected results of this important study will undoubtedly contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, a strong commitment of ECOWAS Member States at the international level. “ He also indicated that the updated energy policy of ECOWAS will make it possible to determine, among other things, the best energy mix for the region, the need to ensure universal access to modern energy services under the best conditions of quality and sustainability and at the lowest cost.

The ceremony also included a videoconference intervention by Ms Anastasia Oikonomou, Representative of the European Union. She noted that the updated ECOWAS energy policy is a long-awaited dream under AGoSE, the EU-funded $32 million technical assistance program for energy sector governance. in west Africa.

According to her, once adopted, the updated ECOWAS energy policy will be key to boosting energy investments in the region. It will also serve to position West Africa as the first single electricity market on the continent.

In his official opening address to the workshop, the Honorable Andrew Mercer, Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Energy, reiterated the importance of the energy sector in driving sustainable development, attracting investment and creating jobs in the countries of the West African sub-region. After calling on technical and financial partners to strengthen their support for the energy sector in the ECOWAS region, the Deputy Minister concluded his speech with a message of hope: “I am confident that the development and implementation of the updated ECOWAS Energy Policy will streamline existing initiatives and generate new innovative projects to promote a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy supply.”

The objective of the program “Improving Energy Sector Governance in West Africa (AGoSE-AO)”developed in cooperation with the Commission of the European Union (EU) within the framework of the 11e European Development Fund (EDF), is to lay the foundations for West African States to achieve the three main objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) initiative by 2030, namely (i) ensure universal access to modern and clean energy services; (ii) Substantially increase the share of renewable energies in the global energy mix; and (iii) doubling the overall rate of improvement in energy efficiency.

The AGoSE-WA program is implemented by ECOWAS with technical assistance from NTU International through a team of consultants.

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