US Xpress releases economic forecast for the third quarter of 2021

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –US Xpress Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: USX) today released its economic forecast for the third quarter of 2021, highlighting various trends and updates specific to the trucking industry. Complete and detailed forecasts are available on the website corporate blog. Three key themes to which we pay particular attention in the second semester are:

  1. Driver shortage will continue to impact truck loading capacity –

    Additional stimulus checks and unemployment benefits continue to keep drivers off the road. Even though various state governments have canceled unemployment benefits in the event of a pandemic, there are still more than nine million workers with claims for pandemic benefits. With so much work on the sidelines, we’re unlikely to see any quick relief from the driver shortage. Carriers have introduced new benefits and incentives, but according to the American Trucking Associations, the size of the fleets of large and small carriers is still shrinking. Additionally, many corporate drivers choose to operate under their own authority, which does not necessarily increase capacity, but results in reduced utilization and deeper fragmentation of the industry.
  2. Persistent challenges in the supply chain and uncertainty regarding consumption trends and economic growth

    Throughout the pandemic, we have seen how chaos and uncertainty can impact the supply chain. The disruptions impacted capacity, impacting the productivity of the fleet, which in turn exacerbates the overall volatility of the supply chain. Retailers’ inventories are still well below normal for this time of year, and government research indicates stocks are dwindling in the face of labor and material shortages. As more restaurants and in-person activities open, consumer spending could shift back to services and experiences, even as the leisure and hospitality sectors struggle to fill jobs.
  3. Bidding season will see an increase in contract rates due to inflationary spot market activity –

    We expect freight demand to remain strong given the broader economic recovery combined with continued favorable winds due to the federal government stimulus package which had a notable impact on our operations in the first half of this year. On the supply side, the market for professional drivers remains difficult, which contributes to limiting the supply. These conditions should continue to support spot market rates above contract rates and a strengthening contract renewal environment until the end of 2021.

“These factors will continue to have a significant impact on carriers and shippers over the coming months, but as vaccination rates increase and the economy continues to reopen, we hope to have a positive impact on the supply chain. ‘supply, “said Eric Fuller, President and CEO, US Xpress Enterprises, Inc.” Throughout the pandemic, our real heroes have been the truck drivers, warehouse and retail workers , logistics and supply chain managers, and a host of other frontline workers who have survived.

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