The current economic environment forces the Association against cancer to bill patients


The Namibian Cancer Association (CAN) was forced to introduce a nominal donation structure for patients while receiving treatment at the Acacia Provisional Home.

Due to the current economic climate, patients are urged to make a daily donation of Namibian $ 150 starting March 1, but patients who really have no way of making a daily donation are encouraged to seek treatment.

CAN CEO Rolf Hansen said their patients have so far benefited from free accommodation, meals and transportation to their temporary House Acacia home while receiving cancer treatment.

“Patients requiring housing assistance will be invited to donate N $ 150 per day to cover part of the costs incurred for the preparation of the three meals provided, while accompanying spouses will have to donate N $ 250. $ per night subject to availability. beds, ”said Hansen.

He explained that this amount should cover at least part of the cost of meals and accommodation. Therefore, patients will receive an official document that can be presented to their medical aid to claim this amount later, if they have this option.

Hansen advised patients who are unable to make the required donation to apply to CAN’s Patient Accommodation and Financial Assistance Program at [email protected] or 061 237740 in advance.

“The patient financial assistance program has traditionally helped patients with transportation assistance, financial assistance in terms of user fees, monthly grants, nutritional supplements and / or overdue hospital accounts, medical accounts,” he added.

Hansen said the assistance program therefore continues to play a vital role despite and indeed especially given the current Namibian climate, for those in need of such assistance.

“Support may be provided subject to policies and guidelines currently in place and which may be subsequently approved and implemented by the board from time to time,” he said.

He remains convinced that they can keep the doors of their temporary home open and continue to help their patients on their cancer treatment journey.


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