The City fills the position of Director of Economic Development


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The town of Elliot Lake is rebuilding itself after some recent changes in key positions.

Content of the article

Steve Antunes was recently appointed Director of Economic Development. The post has been vacant since August. Antunes was hired in January 2021 as a Special Projects Manager and has agreed to take over the management of the city’s economic development programs and services. This leaves the Special Projects Manager position vacant and a posting is being advertised to fill this position as soon as possible.

General Manager Daniel Gagnon noted: “Mr. Antunes quickly established himself as a key member of our management team. Its skills are perfectly suited to economic development. Given the number of key municipal projects on the horizon, Council and I have agreed that the role of project manager remains essential to the continued success of our community and to meeting future demands.

At the same time, the City is looking for a director of recreation and culture, as head of department to oversee the reconstruction of the recreation and culture department following a recent retirement and to respond to the changing demands of the ongoing pandemic. In the meantime, Amelia D’Amato has been appointed Interim Director of Recreation and Culture.

Two other positions are expected to be posted in the near future: building manager and deputy clerk.

Photo provided Steve Antunes was recently appointed as the city’s director of economic development.

All municipal job offers can be found on the city’s jobs page:


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