Scammers focus on travel, logistics and online dating as economic activity picks up: report


With the economic activity restarting, fraudsters have turned to unsuspecting people in the travel and leisure industries, communities (online forums) and logistics, according to a report released on Monday.

Digital fraud attempts from India increased by 269% in the travel and leisure segment, by 267% in communities that also include online dating, and by 94% in logistics over the same period a year ago, according to a report by credit information company Transunion.

Transunion monitors digital fraud attempts after analyzing data from more than 40,000 websites and applications contained in its fraud analysis offering for trends. This quarter (April-June), as countries began to open up more from their COVID-19 lockdowns and travel and other leisure activities became more common, fraudsters have clearly made this industry a prime target, ” senior vice president Shai Cohen. at the global unit of fraud solutions said.

The pandemic has sped up community (i.e. online dating) and online retail transactions that require logistics, and scammers have acknowledged this, Cohen said.

“In India, after the unlocks, travel and leisure is increasingly a target as the industry recovers and scammers seek to capitalize as more transactions come back into this industry,” Cohen said.

The main type of fraud in the travel and entertainment segment is with credit cards, while under the head of communities which also includes dating, it describes the false claims that are used the most, according to the report, adding that it is maritime fraud in the logistics sector which is a favorite of fraudsters. Some industries have also seen a drop in fraud attempts, according to the study, highlighting cases such as telecommunications (down 96%), retail (down 24.88%) and gaming. silver (down 31.53%).

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