Proposed Kannapolis 2023 budget maintains same tax rate, focus on employees and economic development – Reuters

KANNAPOLIS – The city is growing and one need only look at the proposed budget for 2023 to see that it is.

On Monday, City Manager Mike Legg presented city council with a budget of $94.9 million for the next fiscal year.

This represents an increase of $9.67 million over Budget 2022, continuing a trend of growing investment in the city.

No property tax increase has been requested and the current rate of 63 cents per $100 of assessment will remain unchanged.

Citing the city’s growth of 45% over the past two decades, with annual growth expected to continue at a rate of 2.2% through 2040, the budget highlighted the need to properly support local government from the municipality to help meet the needs. of the growing number of people coming to Kannapolis.

Legg said employees are the city’s “most valuable resource” and the services they provide to the community are essential to continued growth and success.

To support this resource, the budget includes funds diverted to cost-of-living adjustments, pay-for-performance increases and additional funding for the state pension system.

The proposed budget also provides $1,000,000 for renovations and upgrades to several city fire stations, $921,000 to replace police vehicles and $875,000 to add 11 new stations to the city and accommodate 15 other reclassifications between various services.

There will also be additional funding for the acquisition of the Gem Theater and subsequent management of the facility as it transitions to a city operation, as well as the allocation of money saved into cash reserves. for one-time capital projects to improve the city after the Imagine Kannapolis strategic planning process is completed later in 2022.

These projects will help foster community economic development and provide public investment to private businesses and local residents.

Other notable items in the proposed budget include $160,000 for new pickleball courts in Kannapolis parks, $210,620 in increased funding for street repairs and maintenance, and $730,000 for vehicles and major equipment. for the Department of Water Resources.

The proposed budget also cites the need to recognize the importance of cautious but prepared government responses to unexpected situations such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic, with the city now emerging into a “new normal” with a proposed budget that will take this into account. . .

Legg said Kannapolis employees will help pave the way for the city and ensure it can sustain the growth and development it has seen in recent years.

“Our most valuable asset is our employees. Without our employees, we could not ensure the safety, quality of life, comfort and dynamism of the city. Every day we can go about our business because City employees made sure we had clean water, our garbage was picked up, and the police and fire department attended to our emergency needs. . We can go to a park, walk a greenway and attend a concert. We have places to go to work and so much more because our dedicated city staff are doing their job to make Kannapolis a great place,” said Legg.

“This budget is focused on providing the tools we need to ensure we retain the high quality staff we have now and for this to continue into the future.”

More budget information can now be found online at the Kannapolis website.

A public hearing on the budget is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., June 13, at Kannapolis City Hall with a passage scheduled for June 27.