Proposal to reopen unified schools in the city of Sacramento / Economic forecast for the Grand Sac region in 2021 / Legendary downtown restaurant struggles to stay open


As vaccine rollout intensifies, there is hope and optimism that the region’s second-largest school district can open in a matter of weeks; we are discussing with the principal of the unified school district of the city of sacramento and the teachers’ union of the proximity of the two parties to welcome the students in the classroom. Also, how do “back to school” plans help improve our local economy? Plus, a legendary Sacramento restaurant is hoping to stay open as downtown suffers another economic blow.

Today’s guests

  • Superintendent of the City of Sacramento Unified School District Jorge Aguilar and Senior Vice President of the Unified Teachers Association of Sacramento City Nikki Milevski discuss the district reopening plan, negotiations with the teachers’ union, and the impact of Governor Newsom’s incentive program on the district’s decision to open
  • CapRadio Politics Reporter and co-host of “California State of Mind” Nicole nixon take a closer look at what back to school means for students of color
  • President and CEO of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council Barry broome talks about the impact of the back-to-school plan on economic growth, as well as the status of the Sacramento area a year after COVID-19 forced the closure of thousands of businesses
  • President of Fat Family Restaurants jerry big on the state of its restaurant group one year after the closure, the outlook for 2021 and the impact of the downtown Sacramento closure


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