Podcast: Bernard LeBlanc explains why the Moncton Airport is an important economic driver

Reading time: 2 minutes

The importance of airports to a community cannot be overstated, especially from an economic perspective. Airports have been hit hard by the pandemic and are now in a state of recovery, but it will take several years to recover to pre-pandemic levels.

In the latest Huddle “Insights” podcast, Don Mills and David Campbell chat with Bernard Leblanc, CEO of Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport, about the impact of the pandemic and efforts to rebuild its routes and increase traffic. freight traffic. They also discuss the importance of the decision to move to a community airport authority to improve air transportation infrastructure and services across Canada.

When the airport released its last economic impact study in 2016, it showed that the Moncton airport was a significant economic engine, employing approximately 500 full-time people and generating approximately $665 million in economic activity. .

“There’s a huge benefit to having an airport and that’s why no region or municipality wants to give up their airport,” LeBlanc said.

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The Insight Podcast combines the experiences of an economist, David Campbell, and a social scientist, Don Mills, to explore the challenges and opportunities facing Atlantic Canada, to promote data-driven decision-making among decision-makers and to encourage broader dialogue and debate leading to greater prosperity for the region.

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