Pakistan: Prime Minister Shehbaz warns public of Imran’s corruption and economic disaster in vote

ISLAMABAD: Ahead of by-elections in 20 Punjab constituencies, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday urged the masses to reflect on the “economic disaster, corruption, mafia patronage and destruction created in the name of change” during the PTI led by Imran Khan. mandate while voting.
Shehbaz said, “Pakistan has strayed from its destination during the tenure of the PTI. You must express it through your vote,” reported Geo News.
He urged people to reject the politics of division, hatred and chaos by the power of their vote.
Lashing out at the PTI, the prime minister said Punjab had been subjected to the worst governance in the past four years, adding that citizens were being denied free medicines and students on scholarships, Geo News reported.
He argued that there was an open sale of government jobs, assignments and transfers in PTI’s mandate.
“Civic facilities were in shambles and lawlessness was at its height under the government led by Imran Khan,” the prime minister added.
More than 4.5 million voters are exercising their democratic rights through by-votes in 20 constituencies in Punjab. Voting for the by-elections for 20 provincial seats in Punjab began around 8 a.m. on Sunday morning. It will continue until 5 p.m. without any interruptions, Geo News reported.
A total of 3,131 polling stations were set up in the 20 constituencies, of which 676 were declared “very sensitive” while 1,194 were declared “sensitive”.
The 20 seats fell vacant after the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) ousted 25 dissident PTI MPs on May 23, including five MPs elected on seats reserved for women and minorities, for voting against PML-N’s Hamza. . Shehbaz during the election of the Chief Minister of Punjab.
Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said security was on high alert in all constituencies to ensure peace and security during the by-elections. He said that the civil and armed forces have been delegated in all relevant areas as per the request of the Election Commission of Pakistan.
The ECP set up central and provincial control rooms to monitor the voting process in the province.
The polling stations of the 20 constituencies experienced a massive influx of voters as young people, the elderly and people with disabilities come to exercise their right to vote. Punjab Police can be seen assisting the elderly and disabled at polling stations.
Meanwhile, a fight broke out between PTI and PML-N workers during the voting process in Lahore constituency PP-158. As a result, one of the PTI workers suffered a head injury.
Meanwhile, the PML-N candidate Rana Ahsan Sharafat argued with PTI leader Jamshed Iqbal Cheema.
Punjab is witnessing intense political activity today as crucial by-elections are held in 20 hotly contested provincial constituencies. Political experts expect a tough competition between the PML-N and the PTI in the partial polls that will decide who will become the province’s next chief minister.