NIA creates economic environment leads Nevis to new business opportunities: Brantley

NIA creates economic environment leads Nevis to new business opportunities: Brantley

Nevis: The Premier of Nevis and leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM), Mark Brantley, has highlighted a series of projects undertaken by the administration of Nevis Island following the two-year hiatus due to the COVID pandemic -19.

He said that the economic environment of the island is getting stronger day by day thanks to the important initiatives and investments of the CCM-led NIA.

Premier Mark Brantley exclaimed that the island is moving towards new investment and business opportunities, which will help the economy recover fully. The latest step taken by the administration of the island of Nevis in a few days will pave the way for the development of the country.

The Prime Minister of Nevis said: “As Nevis recovers in the post-pandemic era, I am pleased to see that the economic environment on the island created by your government is leading to new investment and the emergence new businesses”.

He said the environment created by their government will lead the country to new business and job opportunities.

Mark Brantley describes the project initiated by the NIA led by the CCM, which is as follows:

  • He pointed out that at Pinney’s, the island now has several new duty-free shops and a fine Italian restaurant.
  • At Pinney’s Restaurant, people will have free access to free shopping and authentic food flavors.
  • Brantley said that at the Four Seasons, the citizens of Nevis would have a new high-end duty-free jewelry store.
  • Brantley said the various other projects are currently under construction. The government is building two new restaurants in Charlestown, which will become an opulent tourist destination.

He said, “We have two new restaurants under construction in Charlestown.”

Mark Brantley exclaimed that they will also be opening a new salon and spa as part of the project named Chop Shop Nevis. He added: “And the upcoming opening of a new salon and spa, Chop Shop Nevis.”

Encouraging people, he said, “Nevis, let’s ignore the noise and keep pushing.”