New OBPA Director of Economic Development Wants to Use Infrastructure to Bring New Businesses and Jobs to Region | Business

OGDENSBURG — The new director of economic development for the Ogdensburg Bridge and Harbor Authority said he wants to use the authority’s awareness of the diversity of infrastructure to generate new jobs in the country’s north.

“As I get to grips with the speed and learn all the intricacies … I consider my role as a facilitator and spokesperson,” said Anthony M. Adamczyk, of Lisbon, who joined the OBPA on February 28 . “There are so many different directions you can take to benefit the territory. Where is the best value…you have to be strategic.

Adamczyk said he had been doing similar work for more than a decade, previously with Clarkson University Sponsored Research Services to secure state and federal grants and contracts for laboratory and on-site research. field.

“One of the most fun parts of my job was technology transfer, which was basically taking innovations developed in a lab and bringing them to market,” he said, which can mean granting licenses to existing companies or start-ups.

“I think those skills … build on what this role will be responsible for,” Adamczyk said.

One of OBPA’s biggest ongoing efforts is finding a replacement for SkyWest Airlines as the essential air service provider of Ogdensburg International Airport connecting the city to larger regional airline hubs. Although this process has been ongoing since before it started, Mr Adamczyk said he will play “a bigger role once a carrier has been selected working with our airport manager and our team to ensure their success.

Besides the airport, Adamczyk sees OBPA’s other operations — the international bridge, business park and port — as all beneficial in attracting everything from small startups to large international corporations, and jobs with them. All of this combined is “an attraction that I would like to exploit, to establish relationships with companies outside the region… what can we do to entice them to locate here?”

“How can we connect with their efforts…achieve their goals?” he added. “Being part of an organization that has so many facets of the industry…it fascinated me in a role like this, you would get exposure to all the different areas, and my activities would directly benefit local communities.”

“We have all this nice infrastructure that people don’t even know about,” Adamczyk said. “I want people to know, basically, that the OBPA is open for business, especially my office. We are open to collaboration. We want to develop strong partnerships with added value.

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