New Mexico lawmakers converge on five-day economic forum

“This is a great course to take before the next session or two,” said state representative Moe Maestas. “We all need to focus on our economy as we emerge from the pandemic. “

From expanding the current industry to diversifying and attracting new businesses, a variety of topics are covered in the course.

“Here in New Mexico, I think it’s clear that traditional industries won’t be enough to move New Mexico forward over the next two decades,” said state representative Phelps Anderson.

According to experts and lawmakers, schools will play an important role in shaping the future of the state.

“We hear of a great labor shortage and yet we suffer from one of the highest unemployment rates, which is certainly not a winning concept,” said Representative Anderson, ” so I think we’re going to continue to see a refocus on developing the workforce by developing the skills and education needed to fill those future jobs.

The next legislative session is short and clearly focused on the budget. Yet it is unclear to what extent lawmakers will be able to delve into these economic development priorities.

“In terms of policy recommendations, there really isn’t any proposed legislation,” said Representative Maestas, “but it is up to us as policy makers to come up with political solutions to some of these problems. “.

With record revenue of $ 8.8 billion expected this fiscal year, New Mexico has plenty of cash to work on.

“You know, we have very high reserves and we have the capacity to make investments of up to $ 1 billion statewide,” said representative Maestas.

“I think we are facing some very good years,” said Rep. Anderson. “Now we have to be smart about using these public funds to do our best. “

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