McCracken County Leaders Talk About Economic Development In Executive Session |

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY – McCracken County leaders met behind closed doors Monday afternoon. The tax court has resumed its sessions virtually because of COVID-19. After the tax court ended its closed session, members voted to allow McCracken County Executive Judge Craig Clymer to begin negotiating an economic development plan.

Development is a key goal for the McCracken County Tax Court.

“It’s right behind the security in our community, I think, is the development of the economy in our community,” Clymer said.

Their goal is clear: to provide more well-paying job opportunities in McCracken County.


“Not just for adults, but for our unborn children and grandchildren – well-paying jobs that will keep them in the community,” Clymer said. “This is what we are looking for, and we hope we can achieve it.”

Community assets like the Triple Rail Site are just a few of the tools they use to try to attract business to the area.

“We’re in a great location. I guess the three most important that we’re pushing are maybe the river, the rail and the highway,” Clymer said. “River, rail and roads.”

Since the meeting was held in executive session, members of the tax tribunal are not required to go over the details of the meeting. In this case, they say it’s to make sure any potential development deal could be affected.

railway industry

“McCracken County is all about being open to the public, open to the media with our discussions. But the law allows us to enter into private discussions when there is a project that could be compromised by public discussions,” said Clymer.

Clymer is confident that the available workforce in McCracken County will prepare it well for economic development in the future. The McCracken County Tax Court will hold its next regular meeting on October 11.

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