Letter to the Observer: High-speed Internet, the key to economic development

As a businessman and longtime resident of Sandoval County, one of my top priorities for my family and our community is to do everything in our power to stimulate economic development and attract and develop businesses.

Access to reliable, high-speed internet has become a major driver of business growth and economic development, which has only been made more important by the need to work and do business remotely for the pandemic.

With all the funding opportunities to leverage federal dollars to invest in broadband infrastructure – as well as many companies with resources to invest – the prudent choice is to prioritize investing in broadband technology. fiber optic tape wherever possible.

Fiber optic broadband offers many benefits for businesses and entrepreneurs.

First, it is the fastest broadband technology available. Other options like fixed wireless just can’t deliver gigabit speeds.

Second, fiber optic broadband also offers symmetrical upload and download speeds. As companies work together remotely or during video calls, this is absolutely essential for real-time communications between two or more parties.

Finally, fiber optic broadband is less susceptible to performance degradation due to usage, distance or weather conditions.

This means that customers who live in the more rural areas of Sandoval County, which experience wind and bad weather, and those who do much of their business online, will have reliable internet access.

And the implementation of broadband optical fiber has considerably less breakdowns.

It is clear that fiber optic broadband technology is superior to fixed wireless, copper and cable broadband.

Fiber optic broadband is faster, offers symmetrical speeds, works even in extreme weather events, and has a lower cost of ownership over 30 years compared to other broadband technologies.

I’m concerned that if we in Sandoval County instead choose to install fixed, copper, or cable wireless services instead of broadband fiber, we will choose to move in. And I don’t want to settle.

Our community deserves the best technology to prepare us for the future.

I am encouraged that this historic influx of state and federal dollars gives us a unique opportunity to invest in broadband fiber, which will help businesses prosper and foster economic development.

Over the coming weeks and months, Sandoval County commissioners along with members of the New Mexico Office of Broadband will be making important decisions about investing in New Mexico’s broadband infrastructure.

That’s because the US bailout includes billions of dollars in new spending for rural broadband expansion.

An investment in fiber optic broadband will support our local businesses and entrepreneurs with Internet speeds 40 times the current standard.

We must seize this opportunity to really invest in this critical infrastructure.

I hope you will join me in urging our Sandoval County Commissioners to prioritize investing in fiber broadband as they determine future investments in our Internet infrastructure.

David Smoak

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