Letter: Economic impact of pickleball in Vail

Last summer I visited Vail to play pickleball. The weather was wonderful, the pickleball community so welcoming, and the program so well organized that I stayed for nine weeks. I had so much fun that this summer I came back for three months.

Vail executives had the wisdom to adapt to this growing sport by converting the two tennis courts at Golden Peak into six pickleball courts. Instead of four tennis players per hour, 24 pickleball players have access to the court. Unlike other sports, pickleball is easy to learn, affordable, and can be played by all ages and skill levels. Best of all, sport is very social.

Vail would be wise to expand the possibilities for indoor winter play. And extend the benefits of sport to the local economy.

The financial impact of the players is enormous. Take me for example: in 2020, I spent $ 300 per day on accommodation, restaurants and other activities, for a total of $ 27,000. I also had five visitors who stayed an average of 10 nights each. They increased the economic impact by an additional $ 15,000. So, thanks to pickleball, the six of us contributed $ 42,000 to the coffers of local businesses.

This year, my own investment in Vail’s economy has grown exponentially. Over 12 weeks, I spent $ 400 per day. This time I had 12 visitors, again staying an average of 10 nights each. Thanks to us, Vail prospered by $ 84,000.

Imagine the impact of summer guests returning for a pickleball fix in the winter. With an indoor / outdoor facility, Vail would rake in millions in accommodations, restaurants, tourism, and sales taxes in the first year alone.

Build more pickleball fields, and more of us will come back each season. And we will benefit from every penny spent at Vail. All thanks to our enjoyment of pickleball in such a hospitable community.

Bob miles

Tampa, Florida

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