KZN Growth Coalition hails Transnet’s restoration of flood-damaged economic infrastructure

The KZN Growth Coalition welcomes the urgent action taken by Transnet SOC Ltd to repair the damage caused by the recent KwaZulu-Natal floods, which will make a substantial difference in restoring economic activity in the province.

Transnet’s interventions – which include repairing and reopening the line on the container corridor between Durban and Cato Ridge – have resulted in the restoration of freight traffic between Gauteng and the port of Durban, and have greatly relieved both the provincial government and provincial businesses.

At the same time, the KZN Growth Coalition welcomes Transnet’s decision to provide additional facilities on Bayhead Road in Durban, ensuring that delays are avoided when moving traffic to the container terminals in Durban and Island View Precinct.

The KZN Growth Coalition has been impressed by the speed with which Transnet has acted to repair flood damage to its rail and port facilities, and is confident that the reopening of rail links and port restoration work will enable economic activity. greatly increased in the Province.

Transnet is also to be commended for providing work opportunities for local community members in its restoration program – for example, employing over 1,300 community members as fixed-term contract staff.

The floods have had a major impact on economic activity in the province, and the government and businesses appreciate Transnet’s speed and focus in responding to the crisis and ensuring that logistical links with the rest of the country are fully restored. emergency. .

We are more than satisfied with the leadership Transnet has shown in getting the wheels of our economy back in motion. This was a daunting task, the magnitude of which should not be underestimated, and Transnet’s quick and efficient response should be commended.

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