Hamriyah Free Zone Authority: Creating a Reliable Business Environment That Fosters Innovation in the UAE


Saud Salim AlMazrouei, Director, Hamriyah Free Zone
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Dubai Expo 2020 kicked off on October 1, 2021. What is your personal message to the citizens of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and the world on this momentous occasion?

Expo 2020 Dubai is the first universal exhibition to be held in the MENA region, with the participation of more than 200 entities, inviting visitors from all over the world to celebrate innovation, creativity, progress and culture towards construction of a new world.

This event will be a major catalyst for the UAE and comes at the right time to set the tone for economic recovery and create a positive environment for businesses to thrive.

I wish the government of the United Arab Emirates all the best and I am sure Expo 2020 will be a huge success.

As one of the leading free zone organizations in the UAE, what does Hamriyah FTZ have to offer for potential investors and global entrepreneurs visiting Expo 2020 and looking to relocate to the UAE? ?

The vision of the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority is to provide an excellent, reliable and trustworthy business environment that fosters innovation, growth and transformation of the global economy by providing partners and investors with transparent solutions. when integrating businesses into its tax-free economic zone, providing world-class logistics, manufacturing and operating infrastructure. All this while providing global connectivity that supports financial efficiency and business support regulated by the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

How do you see the expansion of the UAE’s dynamic FTZ sector after Expo 2020, and how does the HFZA plan to contribute to this growth story?

Expo 2020 will significantly boost the economy of the UAE. The introduction and expansion of various free zones will help boost economic development, create jobs, stimulate and diversify exports, and accelerate the process of industrialization of the economy at lower cost to the government.

HFZA aims to ensure the business continuity of our investor companies and provide them with the support they need to successfully carry out their operations. New and existing businesses will find our investor-friendly ecosystem built around the emerging needs of markets in a climate of growth beyond the pandemic.

What roles will technology and digital solutions play as HFZA prepares for the future?

We aim to prepare for the future by innovating in our product and service offerings and by driving the digital transformation in our various departments in order to continue to offer a high-end customer experience to our partners and investors.

What unique value propositions does the HFZA have to offer to local businesses considering relocating to Sharjah?

As part of our commitment to our investors, we offer the following monitoring:

– Access to VIP lounge – to expedite visas, licenses and other business related requirements

– Electronic Services Portal – convenient access to over 300 online services for visas, renewals and other services

– Collaboration with Bee’ah – the first waste management company provides unique services, including audits, permits and laboratory services, to all investors who operate in the Hamriyah Free Zone.

– Networking opportunities with other investors

– Marketing Support – HFZA regularly conducts joint marketing campaigns with HFZA investors, including attending events, marketing communications such as photography, videography, success stories and press releases, etc.

– Interface with customs and port authorities, Municipality of Sharjah and other relevant regulatory bodies

– Food safety and quality training, food analysis and laboratory services, consulting and certification services

– Engagement with experts, consultants and commercial investors

– Coaching and mentoring for 100% compliance

Sharjah seeks to expand its industrial footprint in the years to come. How is HFZA aligned with the needs of the Emirate in this regard?

Over the past decades, the HFZA has become a solid pillar of Sharjah’s economic performance. From attracting foreign investment to creating jobs and implementing the latest technologies, HFZA has laid the foundation for a future where business transcends geographic boundaries and economic divisions.

HFZA is committed to creating an ecosystem conducive to business for our investors and accelerating their growth and competitiveness. This stems from our strong commitment to our investors and is part of our mission to provide an incubation environment for their business.

This commitment has reinforced the deep trust and global reputation that HFZA enjoys as a premier destination for international and local investors.

How is HFZA steering business and industry trends in a new direction in anticipation of changing consumer demand in a post-Covid world?

The pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on the world. HFZA has responded proactively by moving to digital transactions and minimizing face-to-face contact to mitigate risk. Going forward, we offer a range of products and services that are often customized to meet the specific needs of an investor. We are more focused on developing strong logistics infrastructure, transformative technologies without losing sight of sustainability. As HFZA evolves, we remain the hub where businesses thrive and reach their full potential.


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