Crews Nearly Completed Reconstruction Of Conoco Mt. Sterling Gas Station, Anticipate Economic Drawdown

MOUNT STERLING, Illinois (WGEM) – There is a new development at Mt. Sterling, Illinois that hopes to further stimulate the city’s growth.

Teams are building a new Conoco gas station near the outskirts of town, and economic development officials have said it could go a long way in developing more businesses in the region.

Site manager Cathy O’Connor said the old Conoco Mt. Sterling building was demolished in August. She said that before, they could only serve 5 people at a time and were limited on what items they could sell.

“With this expansion and the ability to expand a bit, we will be able to serve a lot more people at once,” said O’Connor.

Brown County Economic Development Chairman Philip Krupps said there are several economic impacts every time an investment like this is made in the community.

“Especially this property in particular, as it sits on the corner of our original first TIF neighborhood, which has been determined to be a devastated area, so any improvement is a big win for the community,” Krupps said.

Krupps said it would impact the property values ​​of this property and surrounding properties, help generate sales tax revenue and extend the overall aesthetic of the development beyond the city center.

“When a building or a landlord does something, it improves or gives another the opportunity to say that I love what they have done or that it is time for me to do the same to make it contagious. throughout the community, ”he said. noted.

O’Connor said that at the end of the project, they will be able to offer more to the people of the area.

“We hope to develop over time elements that will facilitate the needs of our customers,” she said.

O’Connor said they hoped to complete the project in 6 weeks, but encountered issues obtaining materials. She believes they will be completed between November 1.

She said they received TIF funding to help pay for part of the $ 400,000 project.

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