City projects drive economic growth and development

Recent progress has been made by the Town of Leduc on key growth and economic development projects.

65th Avenue Interchange
On May 12, 2022, the Province of Alberta announced financial support for the 65th Avenue Interchange Project, critical infrastructure supporting safety, ease of travel and future economic development in Leduc, Airport Edmonton International and throughout the region. This contribution, coupled with the City’s $12.5 million, means the project is fully funded and will move forward as a major construction project – with shovels in the ground – in our community this summer.

Main elements of the interchange project (virtual overview):

  • A new viaduct on the QEII

  • New access ramps and improvements to some existing ramps

  • Improvements at the intersections of 65th Avenue and 50th Street in Leduc

  • Completion of Airport Perimeter Road, 65th Avenue and Grant MacEwan Boulevard, west of the QEII, to better connect the city of Leduc and Edmonton International Airport

  • Full multi-directional connectivity along all new routes that will be used for multiple types of activities (eg walking, running, cycling).

Stimulate economic growth and development in Leduc:

  • The interchange will be located alongside the Edmonton International Airport and major road and rail networks, promoting transportation and ease of movement of goods provincially, nationally and internationally.

  • The infrastructure benefits will attract new business/industry to the area and create increasingly diverse employment opportunities.

  • The project will support 274 direct and 197 indirect full-time equivalent jobs during the construction phase.

  • The project will support a direct GDP of $23 million and an indirect GDP of $27 million during the construction phase.

  • The additional commercial and industrial lands, which will be opened west of the QEII following the completion of the interchange, are expected to generate $600 million in investment growth in Alberta, including 4,000 new construction jobs and 4 300 permanent multi-sector jobs.

Distribution of funding:

  • The trade is estimated at $96 million.

  • Just over $5 million was spent on engineering, design and land acquisition, split between the Government of Alberta, the City of Leduc and the EIA.

  • The construction contribution for the remaining $91 million is funded by the province ($78.5 million) and the City of Leduc ($12.5 million).

Learn more about the 65th Avenue Interchange.

Restriction eased on Edmonton Airport Vicinity Protection Area Regulations (AVPA)
On May 17, 2022, the province made changes to the Edmonton AVPA Rules, which means significant new opportunities for growth and redevelopment in the Town of Leduc are now possible. The City has worked tirelessly, alongside many regional stakeholders and partners, to advocate for these changes. This collaborative work has included Edmonton International Airport, the Province of Alberta, industry leaders, neighboring municipalities, residents, businesses and municipal staff.

Main changes to the regulations:

  • New noise exposure prediction (NEF) contours have been calculated to reflect updated assumptions based on the evolution of aviation technology and modern airport operations.

  • Many restrictions on commercial and industrial development in Leduc have been removed.

  • Restrictions on residential development have been relaxed in many parts of the city.

Stimulate economic growth and development in Leduc:

  • The city’s industrial and commercial areas are now much less restricted, so new businesses will be allowed to open and existing businesses will expand in certain areas where it was previously not allowed.

  • There are now more opportunities for residential infill and densification in the city’s downtown core, and new residential projects in undeveloped areas.

  • Some owners in mature neighborhoods will be able to redevelop their property. For example, adding secondary housing and garden suites may now be a possibility in areas where they were not previously permitted, which the City hopes will encourage aging in place.

Moving forward, the City is now ready to take responsibility for making the changes necessary to support the residential, commercial and industrial growth permitted by the province. The City will need to update a series of planning documents, including the Municipal Development Plan, Land Use Bylaw and numerous area structure plans to align with the new changes.

Learn more about what this means for the Town of Leduc.

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