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BROWN COUNTY, Wisconsin (WFRV) – On Tuesday, Brown County leaders met to discuss the state of the county’s economic development.

“We hear about inflation, labor shortages, supply chain, what does that mean and what can we think about, you know how it’s going to affect us in 2022”, County Director Troy Streckenbach said.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, there is a lot to be said.

“This has impacted some industries more than others,” Streckenbach said. “The pandemic has certainly had a negative impact on our hospitality industries, while in our construction and manufacturing things are fair, they are busy. “

Part of the county’s presentation was aimed at bringing even more work to the construction industry.

“Opportunities for developers to search for county-owned land, which is looking for development to be carried out,” Streckenbach said.

Development was a buzzword for many of the city leaders who presented on Tuesday.

“We’re pretty well positioned,” said De Pere mayor James Boyd. “We have a lot of development going on, a lot of interest in the town of De Pere, a number of projects going on.”

Local leaders say community development can benefit all municipalities in the county.

“We have the Mulva Cultural Center, they just started last month, it looks very exciting,” said Mayor Boyd. “They are on track to open in 2023. It will be a nearly $ 100 million project, which we look forward to not only in De Pere, but across Brown County and all of Wisconsin.”

This goes for many development projects discussed on Tuesday.

“We are a fairly small community where we all help each other, anything we do to improve Allouez will improve the lives of the people who live in Ashwaubenon, and vice versa,” said village president Jim Rafter.


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