Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation Hosts Lunch

Robert Allen, president of the Texas Economic Development Corporation, said reviving the economy begins with diversifying higher education pathways.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – The Brazos Valley Economic Development Corporation hosted its 2022 Executive Luncheon at the Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center on Thursday, September 1.

Robert Allen, president and CEO of the Texas Economic Development Corporation, said the Texas economy has seen prices rise across many elements: housing, transportation and services, among others.

However, Allen noted that Texas’ growing population was another aspect of living in the lonely state that made Texans more sensitive to price swings.

“Growth brings challenges, it’s one of the challenges that grow. The good news is that we have the space around urban corners to build and meet those needs,” Allen said.

Allen, among other speakers, encouraged Texas leaders to focus on colleges and skills learned in higher education to ensure that skills learned in those institutions can follow graduates into the job market.

“Community colleges, those two-year technical trade schools in Texas. A four-year degree may not be suitable for all students,” Allen said.

The keynote speaker was Henry Cisneros, former Urban Housing and Development Secretary to former President Bill Clinton.

According to Cisneros, the Brazos Valley has led many advancements for the Texas economy thanks to Texas A&M.

“The Brazos Valley is like the diamond in the center of the Texas triangle,” Cisneros said.