Bauchi set to become the hub of economic activities

The current administration of Bauchi State, headed by Governor Bala Muhammed, is poised to harness the economic potential of the state through a comprehensive development model that will make Bauchi the hub of economic activities in the North.

The project, which targets all sectors of the state’s economy, is expected to open all local government areas of the state to serious investment in industry, agriculture, mineral resources, housing, tourism and other fields.

As part of his action plan for the state, the governor recently appointed an advisory firm, Salcons Synergy Limited, to facilitate a multi-billion dollar letter of credit to fund the comprehensive economic plan for the State.

Under the project, the state is expected to witness massive investments in modern agribusinesses in cotton, groundnuts, turmeric, onions, sorghum, millet, livestock, poultry, food for animals, etc.

The state will also experience massive infrastructural development in utilities, modern housing, hotels and tourism through which huge investments can be attracted. The plan also includes the construction of a new smart city of Bauchi, with serious investment in ICT and other world-class facilities in digital communication, etc.

This project, when completed, will change Bauchi’s narrative from reliance on statutory allocations to an economically vibrant state and new investment hub in the North.

Dr. Ahmed Saleh is the Chairman of Salcons Synergy Limited and writes from Bauchi