Bank of America Lynch Walter E. Hoadley Economic Forecast

Bank of America Lynch Walter E. Hoadley Economic Forecast

The Commonwealth Club’s Walter E. Hoadley Bank of America economic forecast will be out Feb. 4 at noon. It will include a macroeconomic update from Michael Boskin of Stanford University, former chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, and a focused look at inflation from leaders dealing with the issue on the ground in California, including including the head of the second largest port in America, as well as the CEO of a global supply chain company.

The forecast comes as the COVID-19 pandemic stretches into its second full year and the US economy is in a murky and confusing state. Growth has returned, but it has been accompanied by historically high inflation which is affecting many sectors of the economy.

Global supply chains have been heavily influenced by the unpredictability of virus waves and workforce participation, and the planning of everything from inventory management to workforce participation work, continues to be constantly evolving. Our annual forecasts will focus on what this unpredictability will mean for the economy as a whole, particularly as it relates to inflation, and what it means for the US economy, US consumers and US investors in 2022.

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