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Financial projects in Bahrain grew 9.40% at constant prices and 10.72% at current prices, according to the quarterly economic report of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy for the second quarter of 2021. According to the report, health services increased 8.59% at constant prices and 7.21% at current prices.

Agriculture and fishing activity increased by around 5.57% at constant prices and 2.34% at current prices. Real estate and business services increased 4.73% at constant prices and 3.02% at current prices. Trade increased by 4.17% and 2.66% respectively at constant and current prices. Other utilities increased by about 3.34% at constant prices and 2.20% at current prices, respectively.

Manufacturing industry grew by 2.29% at constant prices and 24.21% at current prices. Meanwhile, electricity and water as well as construction have also increased in varying proportions.

Electricity and water and construction activity grew by 2.80% and 1.06% at constant and current prices, respectively, and construction activity by 0.22% and 7.18% respectively Comparing performance economic growth of the second quarter of 2021 compared with the first quarter of the same quarter year, economic growth recorded real growth of 3.51% and 6.37% at current prices.

The results also showed that the oil sector grew 7.76% at constant prices and 18.94% at current prices, while the non-oil sector saw an increase of 2.58% and 4.39%. at constant and current prices, respectively.

The report also revealed constant and current price growth rates for almost all economic activities in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the first quarter.

Educational services increased by 20.94% and 21.61% at constant and current prices, respectively, followed by electricity and water activity by 13.92% at constant prices and 7.58% at current prices. The mining and quarrying sector grew 7.55% and 17.98% at constant and current prices, respectively


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